List Now, Buy Now

Just in case you don’t have a good friend in the real estate industry, I’ll go ahead and tell you what they would say. Now is the time to list your home. Now is the time to buy a home.

Sure, you could wait and see how Brexit will effect our economy and our housing industry, but in the meanwhile, prices are rising and mortgage interest rates are dipping or remaining steady. All housing reports are pointing to the perfect storm for listing and buying homes. There is a shortage of inventory on the market and while we may not be in full seller’s market mode, your negotiating power as a seller is still a thing to be reckoned with.

Adversely, let’s not dismiss the buying power that a buyer still has.  Days on market in our area is still averaging about 60 days. Sellers are anxious to move on with their life plans and as previously mentioned, interest rates are still low giving a buyer more bang for their buck. While inventory may be needed in order to find your perfect home, we are still considered a buyer’s market. The ball is in your court.

So, as your friend, and an expert in the real estate profession, I’m telling you – now is the time to list your home. Now is the time to buy a home.  Call me today at 910.524.1042 and let’s get started!